since 2017 Cusanus Hochschule, Master of Arts: Ökonomie und Gesellschaftsgestaltung
2011-2017 Academy of Fine Arts Dresden with Prof. Ulrike Grossarth
2013-2017 Technical University Dresden, Bachelor of Sciences in Economics
2015 Royal Academy of Art Copenhagen with Prof. Nils Norman
2009/10 Social Service, Santa Cruz (Bolivia)
2009 Abitur

exhibitions (selection)
Counting Sleep (Gruppenausstellung: Zönotéka, Berlin)
PATCHWORK (Textile-Pavillon Moeller, Cologne)
Lilac Pop (featured by Die Blaue Distanz, Dresden)
Diploma (Academy of Fine Arts, Dresden)
THE PATTERN SHOW, patterned collective + pattern//select (Handstand und Moral, Leipzig, Germany)
The new is coming soon…sagte die Ruine im Gehen (EX14, Dresden)
PRO or CONTRA, (Halle an der Saale, Germany)
Walks – Greetings from Dresden (Dresden)
conference WORK/STRIKE (Academy of Fine Arts Dresden)
Grenzgängerin (transnational newspaper, Dresden/Wroclaw)
Smoke through walls (Dresden)
Performing the Black Mountain Archive (Hamburger Bahnhof, Berlin)
Rubbing Against Architecture (Summerschool of the GfLK/Halle Süd, Bad Tölz, Germany)

projects & talks:
dyeing blue (lecture performance & talk at the Summerschool, Cusanus Hochschule, Germany)
Wie viel Geld braucht die Kunst? (lecture and panel discussion, Speyer)
Käthe Kollwitz, Künstlerin (Concept and moderation of a panel discussion in collaboration with Franzsika Goralski for Herbert-Wehnerwerk at Kupferstichkabinett, Dresden)
Gorbitz goes Pulsnitz (workshop together with Anna Schapiro & the dyeing workshop Thieme for Kunsthaus Dresden)
(political) speach for female artists with Jella Jost (development & cordination together with Franziska Goralski, cooperating with the Herbert-Wehnerwerk, Dresden)
lost Places/placed Histories (concept and moderation of a travel-, research-, and exhibition project in collaboration with the Institut für sächsische Kulturgeschichte (ISGV) and the Brücke/Most-Foundation Dresden)
a rehearsal of alienation (talk at the symposium „Staging Boarders – (de-)constructions in science and arts”, ISGV at Festspielhaus Hellerau, Dresden)
the allegory of freedom (teaching/workshop at the Summerschool, Cusanus Hochschule, Germany)
dyeing blue (lecture performance, Mittelherwigsdorf, Germany)

seit 2018
Anne de Walmont
seit 2016
patterned collective (with Lilli Döscher, Irène Mélix und Anne Reiter)
Blaudruckerei Thieme (Cordula Reppe)
patterned collective (with Lilli Döscher, Irène Mélix und Anne Reiter)
since 2015
Studies of the Talmud with Marion Kahnemann (together with Ulrike Grossarth, Lilli Döscher, Franziska Goralski, Peter Krüger, Sophie Lindner, Irène Mélix, Anne Reiter, Jakoba Schönbrodt-Rühl, Benjamin Thomas, Martin Wiesinger)
team2 (with Irène Mélix)